Before & After Pictures of PMD Use

Having dry skin, dull complexion, excess oiliness, discoloration, sagging or wrinkled skin can affect every aspect of your life. When you’re not comfortable with your skin, it can feel like the barrier between keeping you from feeling beautiful and confident. Unfortunately, often the treatments are worse than the skin problem itself. Many products are aggressive and irritating, and amplify or create new problems making it even more embarrassing.

The barrier that your skin creates can get between you and the people you want to meet, the things in life you want to do, the person you want to be. And with dermatologists and spa’s being so expensive, very few who suffer make it to the doctor’s office or get access to the effective treatments that they really need.

The Personal Microderm changes everything. Take back control over your skin with the at-home microdermabrasion system proven to deliver the same results as a professional microdermabrasion treatment.

Here are some of the inspirational transformations of people like you who are uncovering younger, beautiful skin and finding brilliant confidence with the Personal Microderm.