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Performed by facialists and derms, microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells, leaving your face baby-smooth and ready to absorb your favorite serums and creams. Don’t want to fork over $70 to $200 for the treatment? The handheld PMD lets you go DIY, albeit while targeting a smaller surface area and with somewhat less power than a pro treatment. It feels a bit like a cat’s tongue is licking your skin — slightly rough but not at all painful — and you’re done in a few minutes. Just be careful not to overdo it at first. Too many passes can leave skin looking a bit too resurfaced.

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SkincareblogThis is an amazing device that works in the form of a beauty weapon for all skin types. This product not only works for acne prone skin, but is also suitable for sensitive and aging skin.

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logoUncover an incredibly vibrant, radiant complexion and fresh, supple skin with PMD.
PMD Personal Microderm replicates professional spa treatment by using the same Aluminum Oxide crystals on their patented spinning discs. The tool’s vacuum action gently pulls the skin towards the disc for optimum exfoliation. With the dead skin cells gone all that’s left behind is a clear, healthy complexion. Your rejuvenated skin is better able to absorb your favorite skin care products much more effectively.

The PMD system includes several levels of exfoliating discs for a custom and controlled intensity that unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, reduces blemishes and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women of all skin types are able to rejuvenate their skin and build brilliant confidence.

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This DIY microdermabrasion system comes with four levels of exfoliating discs and two speeds for high level of intensity treatment and a lower level of intensity for sensitive skin. The PMD Pro’s spinning disc has the same Aluminum Oxide crystals used by skin professionals. When the disc starts to spin, vacuum suction extracts the grit and gunk in your pores for clear, bright skin.

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self-magazine-logoOnce upon a time, you could only get a microdermabrasion treatment at a doctor’s office. Now, thanks to tools like this, the treatment is totally home friendly. How it works? The spinning exfoliating tip is smoothed over your skin to remove the top layer and reveal brand spankin’ new skin cells. Sah-weet.

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wabcInStyle magazine had a panel of more than 50 dermatologists test an array of in-home beauty gadgets. Their favorites include the PMD micro-dermabrasion, which beauty director Kahlana Barfield likes for its simplicity and $179 price tag.

“It has aluminum oxide crystal tip to slough away dead skin cells. You use it for 15 minutes a week and you’ll notice a difference in the texture of your skin, it can get rid of age spots,” said Barfield.


This easy-to-use device replicates an expensive spa microdermabrasion with the same results. The tool uses professional grade aluminum oxide crystals on rotating discs combined with vacuum suction that promotes new collagen growth, cell renewal, all while removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy, clear skin.

As users ourselves, we can say this little handheld definitely does help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, fine lines, sun spots, and blemishes right at home.
By clearing out pores and buffing away unwanted dead skin, this tool also allows beauty products to penetrate skin deeper, leaving a more even pigmentation and a flawless complexion.

If you want to power up your skin rejuvenation, try a clinic-quality microdermabrasion treatment right at home with the PMD Personal MicroDerm system. This system reveals younger looking skin with a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment and offers personal convenience. PMD combines aluminum oxide crystals and a powerful vacuum suction in order to rework the skin’s surface and smooth away dead skin cells. This allows for your skin products to penetrate 20 times deeper, revealing younger, more beautiful skin. The PMD at-home microdermal exfoliation system also softens and reduces fine lines, and skin discoloration. You can enjoy healthier skin on your face, hands, chest and neck. Unwind and take some time to use the PMD, Personal Microderm to achieve the same amazing results as an in-clinic treatment due to the professional-grade materials and design.

Merilee Kern

“Three sessions later (the treatment should only be done about once a week), the results are undeniable. The texture of my skin is refined, almost all flakiness is gone. I haven’t had a blemish since I started using the system and I can tell that my moisturizer sinks in a lot better and that my foundation and concealer glide on a lot smoother. As cliché as it may sound, my skin feels and looks cleaner, healthier. My sister even said I looked airbrushed… not quite true, but hey, it was nice to hear!”

Elodie Russo

“Would I recommend this? .. I would. Especially if you are already forking out money to have this done by a pro, you can do it yourself, and for much less. I would also recommend it to those of you who have been considering it, but were maybe not sure. I know it is pricey, but it is like an investment for your body/skin. I didn’t know what to expect from this, but I am very happy with the way it has made my skin appear brighter, healthier, and with less scarring. Thumbs up from me for that!”

Sophie Cigleris

“My favorite thing about the device is the way my face feels after the treatment. As far as texture, results are immediate (and incredible). I look forward to feeling my face after using this device. It’s amazingly smooth, soft, and refreshed.”

Linley Jackson

“…Upon the first use, saw and felt immediate benefits with a softer, smoother complexion. PMD is so easy to use that it takes no time getting used to the hand held device. Skin complexion is definitely softer and has more of a glow. I think it’s a great product especially since you can do it at home and it’s cheaper.”

April Branam

“I like how this product is not only to be used on the face, you can use it on your elbow, hands, feet or wherever you have dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles so you can get more bang for your bucks.”

Anegla Walker

“One use was all it took to figure out the device and I became more and more impressed with the results as the weeks went by. I used the device once weekly for four weeks and in that time, my skin tone improved, my blemishes disappeared… While learning to use the device took a bit of practice that first, the results were well worth the effort!”

Kathryn Lavallee

“I have found over the past month ++ that my skin is much more radiant, the clarity in texture is smooth and soft, and it does help to defend against belmishes and fine lines and wrinkles. I find this to be a winner on so many levels! My confidence is back when it comes to the health and condition of my skin, and I achieved with no negative side effects and little invested time.”

Joanna Smith

“I really enjoyed the results of the PMD. After the very first use, my skin felt to softest it’s ever felt. It was incredibly smooth, this really impressed me after my first use, so couldn’t wait to use it again. I waited 6 days, as recommended and reused the PMD. Again the smoothness was unbelievable… and after about 4 uses, there was a noticeable difference… Overall I am highly impressed by the PMD and I would really recommend it.”

Gina Medley

“After using the PMD System for a few weeks now, my skin definitely feels softer and the appearance of blemishes are fading. The system was so easy to use! Overall I am happy with the results I’ve seen from using the PMD Personal Microderm System!”

Ashley Swift

“This product is now my new obsession. My skin has never felt so smooth and soft. Literally like a baby’s butt! Plus, I am already beginning to see all those nasty spots fading.”

Shelley VanWitzenburg

“It’s pretty safe to say that I love this machine and I look forward each week to using it. It’s a product that will remain in my skincare routine and I’d definitely recommend it as an at-home alternative to professional microdermabrasions.”

Natalie Zureikat

“Overall, I have found that PMD is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of the machine. And it comes with plenty of disks to last you awhile before I think I’ll need to buy replacements. And it’s nice and small so won’t take up much room in your bathroom. I definitely think it has helped the surface of my skin… not so much happening on reducing the wrinkles yet, but I’ll take the smoother skin tone and texture!”

Jennifer Duvall

“After 2 weeks of use I already feel like my skin tone looks more even and my skin texture has improved. I am so happy with this device! I would highly recommend it!”

Amanda Coburn

“Wow, why have I been wasting my money every couple of months on getting it professionally done when I could have had one of these babies all along?!? I love it! And it’s so easy to use! This is a great product which is my new personal favorite “must do” for my skin care routine. This is a highly recommended product – get your hands on when if you can!”


“My face was so soft. It almost feels like you get a clean slate to start with. This will be my new ‘go-to’ solution. No more wasting money on over-the-counter washes and creams that claim they will do the same thing. This truly works. I can’t wait to continue using it and keep feeling like a brand new woman, week after week.”

Rita O’Neal

“Not only PMD produced great results, It has boosted my confidence. I’m no longer embarrassed about my skin and I also feel like people take me more seriously with a better complexion. I am definetely going to continue to use my PMD Personal Microderm! If you are looking for smooth, even toned skin, I highly recommend the PMD Personal Microderm! Not only has it received glowing reviews by myself an others, The PMD has been highlighted on such shows as Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, and The Drs!”

Trisha Grimes

“…Not only does my skin look a little smoother (especially my nose), but my makeup application is quicker and doesn’t look as caked on as before. My flaws are disappearing and soon I won’t have much more to cover up and even out. My goal with the PMD is to repair my overall complexion. I have spots and brown spots all over my face and as life is starting to settle down.”

Randa Derkson

“Exfoliation is so essential for healthy skin and I have recently discovered a microdermabrasion system that has changed my skin. I started using the PMD about a month ago and what a difference it has made. My dry spots are completely gone and my oily spots have become less oily and my skin texture is incredible.Since starting the PMD system, my makeup goes on smoother, I use less of it, and it seems to me that my skincare products are working better as well. I have been getting compliments like “Your skin is beautiful!” and “You look refreshed” which is a very new experience for me.”

Jennifer Kinford

“I was very impressed at the quality of the system, all the components and that it even came with an instructional video. How nice to have such a high quality device to take care of any problem areas and leave my skin smoother and younger looking. It is so easy to use and works so well and uses the same aluminum oxide crystals found in professional equipment. I like that you can use it on your body, hands, neck as well as your face and that just lets you treat any areas that you feel are less than perfect and achieve great results. …It quickly takes care of any unevenness or rough skin area. I feel very empowered knowing that it is just takes a trip to my bathroom linen closet to get professional results.”

Carolyn Kavarnos

“While I do exfoliate regularly I’ve never seen a huge difference that actually lasted. With the PMD I watch as the dead skin cells are being removed (visible by the white flaky layers resembling raking leaves accumulating on my face.) After I use it and moisturize my face is so much softer and youthful looking. I have the curse of “red face” and the PMD has significantly decreased the amount of redness in my face. My complexion has improved in a big way since I began using the PMD a month ago. I feel comfortable going without makeup most days because my face doesn’t look like it did before I started using it. My only issue is that I can’t really do my nose with the tips as I don’t get good suction. Other than that I highly recommend the PMD.”

Amber Killmon

“I love anything that saves me money & time while still pampering me. Even after the first use, my skin felt noticeably softer. I look forward to the changes that take place after weekly treatments.”

Natalie Zanatta

“I can definitely feel the difference in my skin. I do love the way it makes my skin feel, fresh, smooth, soft, breathable. As I mentioned I have extremely dry skin, applying my moisturizer after treatments allows it to be easily absorbed into my skin, providing better hydration.”

Brooke Howard

“I had a wonderful opportunity to review a PMD Personal Microderm System and I can’t say enough great things about it. I admit I had fine lines, brown spots and some wrinkles and the PMD Personal Mircoderm tool helped make them look less noticeable. I didn’t have any issues or problems after using the mircoderm system and would recommend it for anyone with the above mentioned imperfections.”

Debbie McConnell

“No matter what your skin type is, the Personal Microderm can help. I get  brown spots on my cheekbones from where my sunglasses sit and the sun reflects. With just 3 uses of the PMD, they had lightened and I no longer had to cover with concealer or feel insecure about the brown spots.”

Melanie M.

“I really like that the PMD works like a vacuum at the tip to help break up oil and dirt and unclog pores because it also helps to guide and keep the tip steady. You can no longer see the lines on my forehead in this after picture and the bumps on my cheeks are much less noticeable. The red spots on my cheeks are still there but I do think that they’re slightly less noticeable, which is actually thrilling to me since I didn’t expect them to change at all. I love being able to perform my own microdermabrasion at home whenever I get a spare minute, it is SO much cheaper than going to the salon or back to the dermatologist, and I’m loving the results.”

Denise Hoyle

“This is such a cool at home treatment, and it’s far cheaper than going to a dermatologist…. Overall, I think the Personal microderm is definitely something to invest in…you’re going to be saving time AND money in the long run with a PMD.”


“Overall I really enjoyed using the device, and watching the video on the CD and reading the instructions from their website (above) has made using this device very easy. I have noticed a change in my skin for the better, my skin looks and feels better. I have done the treatment once a week for the past month and will continue to use it. I strongly encourage that you invest in this great device.” -I have noticed a change in my skin for the better, my skin looks and feels better. I have done the treatment once a week for the past month and will continue to use it. I strongly encourage that you invest in this great device.”

Cassandra Looper

“I have sensitive, fair skin and immediately after using this product it had a nice pinkness to it that disappeared after 30 minutes and there was absolutely no irritation at all from using this product. My skin literally has a glow to it with or without makeup. The PMD™ device is very easy to use (lots of instructional information included with the product and on the website) and I love that it is not bulky so it does not take up a lot of space. I use PMD™ once per week and can’t wait to see continued results on my freckle discolorations and overall skin quality. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an effective, non-invasive skin care treatment that really works. It saves me time and money which are both very valuable to me and more importantly the PMD™ delivers results in the comfort of my own home. At only $179, this entire set is less than what I have paid in the past for a professional treatment…..well worth it in my opinion to have skin that looks and feels great!”


“I like to use PMD to help resurface my skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. I only use this product once a week. The results last for a long time, plus the product is more affordable than going to a dermatologist to get a professional treatment.”

Charleen Gonzalez

“All in all I loved this product, its way better then using one those chemical peels. They are alot alike, though this one sands off instead of acid off the skin. This one was way more better on the skin and being in public too. If you arnt happy with the way your skin looks or fills this is right up your alley. It sure is worth the bucks. They give you everything you need and more. This is great tool for fine lines as well as wrinkles!”

Tiffany Crooker

“I really like this device but I can tell you it takes practice and patients to master using it. After a couple of uses I feel comfortable with the device and have noticed a change in my skin tone. The device can be used on your face and body which I really like. I can use it to exfoliate my elbows, knees and heels.”

Melinda Dunne

“Overall, my skin look brighter and healthier after the first use. I could tell a difference right away! I could especially tell a difference when I used it on my feet! After 3 weeks of use, I believe my skin looks smoother with less fine lines!”


“About 6 days after the second time I did it I noticed the most change in my skin. It’s a lot smoother and my skin texture looks better. I have some big pores on my cheeks which drive me crazy and nothing has helped before this. Before I needed to use a really hard face scrub about once a week to get rid of my dry skin areas and my skin didn’t really improve after.”

Joy Holt

“It has helped my skin tone out and seems to make it easier for product to go on my face whether it be lotion, foundation or masks. It also has cut down my blemishes….My skin just feels better.”

Miranda Lamb

Sure you could trek to the derm to get your face buffeted with tiny crystals a.k.a. microdermabrasion, or you can spend ten minutes doing it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Nylon Magazine

The PMD is an at-home micordermabrasion device that uses aluminum oxide crystals and a vacuum suction to help exfoliate and remove superficial layers of dull, dead skin to uncover younger-looking skin. If mom wants a radiant appearance, then this tool is for her.


You don’t have to be a pro to slough your way to flawlessness with this wand tipped with crystals. “Control rests with the machine, not with the untrained person,” says Dr. Sejal Shah. Equipped bwith one simple setting, it couldn’t be easier to use: “It’s really just an on-off button,” he says.

Instyle Magazine

Personal Microderm (PMD): is not only an award winning device, but it will change your life. I’m a forever convert. Seriously. This baby sucks up all the dead skin on your face, and body, should you need it, while revealing the glory underneath. Skin care products seem to work even better when using this machine once a week. After the first use I felt like my face was cleaner and lighter. Skin felt soft and supple. I was glowing the next morning. To say I’m addicted is a bit of an understatement. Try it for yourself.


There’s nothing hot about a crusty heal in your new sandals! Not cute!
So of course we were hyped to hear that a new hand and foot kit for all over body exfoliation was coming out by PMD.

If you’re late to the facial exfoliation party, PMD is a widely popular at-home microdermabrasion system. The tool has been featured on The Doctors, The View, Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show.
The latest invention from PMD works to uncover NEW skin on your chest, elbows, hands, feet, or anywhere you have uneven tone or texture in just a few minutes a week.
This easy-to-use device replicates an expensive spa microdermabrasion with the same results. The tool uses professional grade aluminum oxide crystals on rotating discs combined with vacuum suction that promotes new collagen growth, cell renewal, all while removing dead skin cells to reveal healthy, clear skin.

As users ourselves, we can say this little handheld definitely does help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots, fine lines, sun spots, and blemishes right at home.
By clearing out pores and buffing away unwanted dead skin, this tool also allows beauty products to penetrate skin deeper, leaving a more even pigmentation and a flawless complexion.

Beauty World News

“ average member rating: 9.3*

Why it’s great: Reviewers call this “amazing” device their “new secret beauty weapon.” This product works on all skin types, from aging to sensitive to acne prone. One reviewer was so “blown away” after using the device for the first time that she “literally gasped.” Other reviewers echo her sentiments, saying that “PMD has changed [their] skin.” Another self-proclaimed “gadget junkie” gives this her seal of approval — and she’s “not easy to impress.” The best part: reviewers also report that not only does the device make their skin “smoother, stronger and more even,” it also allows their other skin care products to work “so much better than they [did] before.” Sarah Carrillo

“I have been using [PMD] for about a month now, and honestly, it has really helped so much… with the texture and brown spots that I have. Before my forehead was like a war zone of connect-the-spot… (Hello pregnancy! This little guy’s TOTALLY worth it though) but now it’s actually cleared up a ton! This thing is SO easy to use too, and I think works way better than going to get a microderm. I have always been really frustrated with the results of the microderms I have gotten from a professional because they are SO expensive and my skin always gets way worse for some reason.”

Savannah Withers

“I REALLY enjoyed using this product around my nose and chin, as those places are really clogged and spotty. No products can ever penetrate into my skin in those areas! I’m still SUPER pumped to have this and can’t wait to update you all on how my skin is. With my wedding being 9 months away, I’m excited to have the PMD by my side so I can work my way toward beautiful radiant skin… I’m pretty sure, by the looks of it, that it won’t let me down!”

Jessica Lee

“PMD is fast, easy to use, and a good way to put your best face (and elbows, knees, etc.) forward!”

Melissa Au

“I do see a difference in the texture and evenness of my skin and I do think some of the blemish marks on my skin have improved and lessened esp. around the chin/mouth area – I tend to get a lot of discoloration there. I also find that my skin creams do seem to absorb better into the skin after using it.”

Jessica Myers

“If I could rate the Personal Microderm higher then an A+ I would. I recommend this for all beauty junkies, and anyone looking for better more youthful skin.”

Courtney Smith

“Personally, the PMD has been great! I use it now instead of exfoliates. After I use it, it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also does a really great job of minimizing the appearance of any marks.”

Jacenda Ledesma

“I have had the chance to complete three treatments using the PMD Personal MicroDerm and have to admit that this tool couldn’t be easier to use. My skin looks and feels great and I even have a healthy glow to my skin that I have never had before. It’s great that you can have a professional microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment. Want to see wonderful professional results without the professional price tag, then I highly recommend you buy the PMD Personal MicroDerm System!”


“I have wanted to try microderm abrasion for years but the cost was just to much for our budget. With PMD you can get professional results for a fraction of the cost. This morning my skin feels smoother. I look forward to seeing how good my face looks in a few months.”

Rachel Higgs

“There are two must haves before walking any red carpet these days. The first is a beauty tool called PMD, Personal Microderm. It’s a home dermabrasion tool in the hands of such actresses as Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Chastain and Rooney Mara.”

Leah SydneyThe “A” List of Oscar Week. Want to Know Where the Celebs Partied?

“For the few minutes it takes to use the PMD, and the results it has given me I think it is very well worth every penny. At $179.00 it really is a bargain if you compare the price to getting the same results at a Dr. office (You pay $180 or more just for ONE 10 minute treatment).”

Irene Feldo

“Okay…Wow! I love this PMD device! This device has exceeded my expectations. The very slight brown spots on my cheeks (leftover from pregnancy) is almost *gone*!!! Actually, my skin tone in general is much more even. My skin is incredibly soft after using this device! It always strikes me as being very noticeable the mornings following a PMD device treatment. There is no question that this device works to soften your skin. Also, I found this device to be super easy to use and care for. Set up and cleaning is very quick and easy.”


“What stay-at-home mama has the cash or time to go to the spa for a professional facial? I will definitely never do that, but I do have 15 minutes during my day to do it myself. Also, the price tag for my very own PMD personal microdermabrasion kit is much better than the one-time-only treatment cost at the spa.”

Melainie Duckworth

“You will start to notice a difference from the first use, and although I cannot say I have any fine lines or wrinkles yet I did put it to the test with my brown spots and they have visibly reduced and the overall feel and look of my skin was much smoother..I would highly recommend the PMD to everyone, it has done my skin a lot of good and i could honestly say I don’t know what I would do without it! If you’re going to spend hundreds.. maybe thousands of pounds getting treatments done then why not save yourself some money and get this at-home kit.”


“I really love the PMD and cannot believe how well it works. My skin feels so soft and the appearance has also changed for the better! …The PMD personal microdermabrasion is very simple to use and the results have been fantastic! I have been using my PMD for about 2 weeks and the results are very dramatic and obvious. My skin needed a pick-me-up after a long and stressful winter.”

Nicole Hartmann

“…this system totally rocks.The convenience is fantastic, and the results are really, really good – far better than I ever dreamt they would be. If you have blemishes, this is truly fantastic because it’s gentle enough to use right over any surface, and boy does it help your skin clear up fast. If you are looking for microdermabrasion that is quick, convenient, and affordable, you absolutely need to check this out.”

Lisa Ann Acton

“I can honestly say that I really like the way the process makes my skin feel. Using the Personal Microderm is extremely easy especially since they include a detailed DVD that walks you through each of the steps. After I use the Personal Microderm, my skin feels really soft and has that healthy youthful glow that we all want.”

Laurie Adams

The PMD Personal Microderm was exactly what I needed to uncover my younger skin. The price of a single microdermabrasion treatment in salons or medical facilities is anywhere from $75-200, and up to 4 treatments are generally needed to see the full results. The PMD Personal Microderm is only $179 and can be done in your own home. I have very sensitive skin and the fact that there are different heads, including one for sensitive skin, was wonderful. The coolest thing about this kit is that it comes with 2 different sizes of each head to do larger parts of your body. In conclusion I wish I had more than 2 thumbs up to give the PMD Personal Microderm. I saw diminishing of fine lines and better skin texture with only 2 uses. The skin in the area treated became soft and supple, so much so that my 10 year old daughter felt it and said, “oh, it is so soft!”

Meridith Hart

“…if you have been getting it professionally done, you are wasting your money. When with PMD you could have done it at home by yourself. I love it! And it’s so easy to use! Once you get the hang of it and determine which disks are best for your skin type the process is fast and easy. My skin has never felt so smooth and soft. Literally like a baby’s butt! Plus, I am already beginning to see all those nasty spots fading. This is a great product which is my new personal favorite “must do” for my skin care routine.”

Sumana Mukhopadhyay

“The end results of the PMD were smoother, more radient skin. My skin was a little pink after the treatment but that quickly faded and I was left with a very fresh look that did not require the cover of makeup. I noticed a visible difference in the tone of my skin as well as an instant improvement in the texture. So, if you’re looking for a fresh face this summer without expensive and time consuming treatments, I highly recommend trying out the PMD! If you’re like me, at the end of the day, you’ll have glowing, fresh, visibly younger looking skin and that is something this mama is super excited about!”

Jeannette Fender

“This has quickly become one of my favorite beauty tools. I love the PMD personal microderm. It really smoothed out my skin and made it so soft. I really like the fact that you plug it in. It seems like all of my kids toys and devices take batteries and it gets so expensive. I love that I don’t have to keep replacing batteries and spending money! I think it’s an amazing product at a huge discount. I like that I don’t have to schedule a Doctor’s appt, find someone to watch my children and then spend time at a Doctor’s office when I can do the same thing at home. I really love this product and would definitely recommend it.”

Kristina Everhart

“I would recommend this product to those of you who think you need some treatment on your skin, whether it’s your face or any part of your body. So far, I can say that it has helped my skin become more taut and my skin tone and texture has improved. My skin feels smoother and cleaner so the PMD deserves some stars from me!”

Alice Serraon

“This really is a great buy and will save you a lot of money down the road. This cute little handheld does the job and gives you great results! I love my PMD!”

Janelle Marie

“I’ve been to dermatologists for prescription face peels, visited spas for facials and of course, used my own skin care treatments. I have also purchased and used a personal exfoliator from a name brand cosmetic company. None of these had the results and convenience of the PMD personal Microderm tool. It was unbelievably easy to use and with each weekly use, I experienced continued improvement to my skin.”

Jennifer Medeiros

“All of my facial products are working like they use to, because they are actually being absorbed into my skin again. My skin is soft! My pores almost disappear!! I noticed fine lines and my more prominent lines are softer and in some cases GONE!! I’ve gone without make up OUT IN PUBLIC!! And FELT good about it!! When I do wear make up I’m wearing less!!! My brown spots are diminishing I’m positive with more continued use they will be a thing of the past!! I truly believe that the PMD makes such a positive difference in my complexion that I truly am getting do-overs!! I will NOT be looking my age anymore!!!”

Connie Gruning

“The treatment was very simple to complete and my skin felt great afterwards. After three uses, I am definitely feeling a difference in my skin and loving the results I’m getting from my PMD. The PMD is a great product for women of all ages wanting to keep their skin looking young and vibrant!”

Amanda Onstott

“It’s very easy to use and small enough to get into the smaller areas, like the sides of your nose. When I finished using it, I could see tons of tiny skin particles left in the clear chamber. This shows that it really did polish my skin! Every time I use it, I wake up with glowing skin.”

Megan Stoffel

“I recommend this for everyone!! It was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be and my skin LOVES it. I’ve used this two times so far and noticed an immediate improvement. I have been trying to fade some fine lines on my face and PMD does the trick. I am so happy with PMD and excited about all the money I will save and time. In 10 minutes I can give myself Microderm treatments. This is perfect and easy.”

LeDonna Dennis

“I will start by saying that the PMD Personal Microderm is awesome! My friend and I both used it while we were gone for almost three weeks and we loved the way our skin felt afterwards. It will make your skin feel baby soft!”

Mary Bearden

“Wow! Although my face was a bit sensitive after using the PMD Personal Microderm on it, I loved the results. The sensitivity went away within 24 hours and I was left with glowing skin. You can do a treatment every 6 days or so, and I plan on doing so! I feel as if my cleanser cleans better without all that dead skin and my moisturizer is able to reach deeper also. I love the idea of being able to give myself a treatment whenever I want.”

Sarah Rainwater

“The PMD left my skin feeling a little tingly, but overall very refreshed and rejuvenated. It doesn’t hurt or sting at all (if your skin hurts at all, then you’re doing something wrong), but you can feel the system working! After just a couple times of use, I could see a difference in my skin tone and appearance. While it will take a little more than just a few uses to get my skin looking the way I want it, I have no doubts that adding the PMD to my skincare routine will accomplish the feat!”

Hope Lyman

“After the first treatment, I noticed a slight difference that became more noticeable after the second and third treatments. I have blemishes from my teenage years. While they aren’t completely gone yet, I have noticed that they are fading.”

Breia Brickey

“Great for women with skin issues, you can use the device at home at your own comfort and save money.Would definitely recommend family and friends!”

Ana Fatima

“Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons–you’re past the stickiness of summer but not yet into the harshness of winter. What better time to start a skincare regiment, like microdermabrasion? Let me explain–this level of exfoliation allows skin to be primed and prepped to better absorb skincare products. And what do I use? PMD–personal microderm. I was sent this amazing device and cannot wait to share it with you–it’s that good. I’ve tried many products and this works the best.”

Elle Sees

“I know my skin isn’t perfect but there has been a big reduction in the amount of blemishes that I’ve been dealing with over the past three weeks. I’ve found that the PMD has also helped to reduce the redness in the marks that are left behind after a blemish heals. Lastly, the horrible dry patches of skin that had been making it really difficult to apply liquid foundation have pretty much gone away! I think with continuous use of the PMD my skin will continue to improve! My face feels smoother, my dry patches of skin are easy exfoliated off, and my acne is improving…slowly but surely!”

Morgan McCollough